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Our goal is to help CFO’s, CEO’s and financial administrators of Critical Access Hospitals around America connect and work with one another. We believe that by sharing knowledge and ideas, we can create a strong network of small hospitals providing essential care in rural America.

Save the Date | Shaking the Trees – Advanced Cost Reporting

February 21, 2023; 11:00 AM CT

Many see the cost report as a necessary burden, a document that must be filed yearly. In reality, it is a strategic tool that can be used to ensure that your facility is receiving optimal reimbursement from your federal and third-party payers. As a Critical Access Hospital, there are additional reimbursement opportunities available to you that can be captured through your cost report.

Join Caren Puvalowski, CHFP, Rural Healthcare Reimbursement Manager, The Rybar Group, and Chris Ekrem, Forum Organizer and Former CAH CEO, as they discuss various factors that you can leverage to ensure you are optimizing your reimbursement opportunities.

This session aims to provide an advanced look into the Medicare and other cost reports, discussing key things to consider, including those factors that you can leverage to ensure you are optimizing your reimbursement opportunities. In addition to discussing current year cost reports, we will explore prior year cost reports, discussing the benefits and issues relating to reopening the cost reports and what the process entails. Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Advance look at the Medicare and other cost reports and how these documents can be used to ensure optimal reimbursement for your facility.
  • Key factors for CAHs to consider when preparing their cost reports.
  • An understanding of when it makes sense to reopen a prior year cost report, any potential risk factors, benefits and other things to consider.

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Caren Puvalowski, CHFP  

Rural Healthcare Reimbursement Manager,

The Rybar Group

Chris Ekrem  

Forum Moderator and Former CAH CEO

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