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Our goal is to help CFO’s, CEO’s and financial administrators of Critical Access Hospitals around America connect and work with one another. We believe that by sharing knowledge and ideas, we can create a strong network of small hospitals providing essential care in rural America.


Hold the Date

June 17, 2021; 10:00 AM CDT

Join Chris Ekrem (former CAH CEO) and Darya Khripkova (CAH RCM Expert) for an exclusive RCM Bootcamp for CAH Administrators. You can expect to learn the top five revenue cycle key performance indicators that deliver the deepest insights to you as an executive, dive into benchmarking best practices, and practical tools for improving your CAH’s revenue cycle operations.

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Chris Ekrem  

Forum Moderator and Former CAH CEO

Darya Khripkova  

Forum Moderator

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  • Open to CFOs or financially-oriented Administrators of CAHs
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