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Top 5 Ways to Improve Collections

A guide to help you strategize in the age of increasing denials, rising costs, compounding inefficiencies, strict compliance regulations, and other operational impediments.


On March 12th, Laura Gillenwater, Senior Manager with HORNE, discussed the cost report and reimbursement strategies for Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), plus the recent changes in bad
Credentialing new providers with a health plan can take three to six months, and it requires a lot of staffing resources. Learn how delegated credentialing enables large
EqualizeRCM has performed complimentary revenue cycle assessments for several physician practices. These assessments have been valuable to our clients by identifying areas of improvement and efficiency for
CAH Forum, sponsored by EqualizeRCM, covered CARES Act Funding, Reporting and Audits on December 4, 2020. Darya Khripkova of EqualizeRCM, and Rick Reid of The Rybar Group
CMS and the American Medical Association have announced big changes in E&M coding for 2021. These changes were implemented to help ease the burden of documentation requirements
Today, on National Rural Health Day, we want to say a special “Thank You” for all you do! From providing healthcare to patients to employing local citizens,
One key to success in the COVID-19 environment is to retool staff and processes to address key issues in revenue cycle. Community Health Centers that not only
Community Health Centers (CHC) are eligible for reimbursement for the testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients who are uninsured. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Relief
One of the most important components of your facility’s financial health is the Chargemaster. With the COVID-19 environment and the upcoming regulatory requirements, the Chargemaster is one
EqualizeRCM offers best practices to boost cash collections and reduce overall costs for critical access hospitals (CAHs) in the face of COVID-19 – or at any time.
For everyone involved in healthcare finances, it is important to understand the red flags in revenue cycle management. For all healthcare providers , revenue cycle is a
As the COVID-19 spread continues to develop further, many hospitals and health systems projected adverse financial impacts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. With all of us

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