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CAH CFO-Administrator Forum: CAH Cost Report Strategies

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On March 12th, 2021, EqualizeRCM sponsored a forum for CFOs and CEOs of Critical Access Hospitals, where participants compared notes and shared best practices regarding Cost Report Strategies with the invited experts, Laura Gillenwater and Bert Pickard from HORNE LLP.

On March 12th, Laura Gillenwater, Senior Manager with HORNE, discussed the cost report and reimbursement strategies for Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), plus the recent changes in bad debt reporting, and the special implications of COVID Relief reporting and the CARES Act for CAH facilities. The 90-minute Forum featured roundtable discussion by over 20 CEO and CFO participants. The discussion was facilitated by Darya Khripkova, Forum Moderator, and Vice President of Hospitals at EqualizeRCM Services.

Trice Watts CEO of Greeley County Health Services commented, “As the CEO and CFO for our hospital, a lot is riding on my shoulders, and I can’t afford to miss out on key information or leave money on the table for our healthcare organization.” Watts further noted, “Ongoing, relevant education with meaningful collegial discussions is such a precious commodity, and this Forum is meeting this need.”

These small group, educational events are addressing real issues for CAH Financial Administrators. “The refresher topics were timely and helpful, plus the real-life examples discussed by Laura were very spot on,” noted Cris Bolin, CFO for Phillips County Health System.

A detailed written summary of the 3/12 Forum is available by contacting Jeff Clark, Forum Coordinator at

Upcoming Forums will feature RHC reimbursement changes and their implications for CAHs, as well as “RCM Boot Camp for CFOs”.

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The CAH CFO-Administrator Forum, is organized by EqualizeRCM, a leading proponent for Community Health organizations. The CAH Forum seeks to provide Financial Administrators of rural health facilities an opportunity to participate in focused events, share insightful ideas, discuss challenges and solutions, but most importantly collaborate and communicate with like-minded professionals in the industry. Learn more by visiting or contacting